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About us

We improve the quality of life of our partners and community in a responsible and sustainable way.

The Cooperativa Agroindustrial ASPROC-NBT Ltda., represents a group of farmers dedicated to the cultivation, collection and commercialization of cocoa beans and derivatives. We are located in Centro Poblado de Nuevo Bambamarca, district and province of Tocache, in the San Martín Region, Peru.

We established ourselves as a legal entity on 2 February , 2007 and established our participation in the international market since 2014, managing to export our products to countries in Europe and North America.

Currently, we have 350 associates and together we work 750 ha, with an average production of 1200 kg/ha.

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Provide better opportunities and quality of life to our partners.


To be the leading cocoa producer Cooperative in Peru.

Thanks to our Cooperative

  • We produce high quality organic cocoa with international certification.
  • We participate in the international market exporting organic and conventional cocoa beans.
  • We offer growth opportunities to our associates.
  • We encourage good financial management of our members.
  • We promote the sustainable and responsible development of our community.
  • We replace the cultivation of coca leaf with cocoa.


We are located in the area of highest cocoa production in the Upper Huallaga Valley.

We have partners with experience and knowledge in the cultivation of cocoa.

We have a highly trained administrative team.

We have international certifications that guarantee the quality of our products.

We have strategic alliances with national and international entities.

We have experience in exporting our products to European and North American markets.

We use optimal processes that ensure the delivery of a high quality product to our customers.

We have our own infrastructure (Cocoa benefit Modules).

We develop the entire cocoa value chain, from sowing to the elaboration of derivatives.


Our Allies

We produce high quality organic cocoa with international certification.