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Social Responsibility

Strategic alliance with Agrobanco

to provide credit to our partners

In agreement with Agrobanco, we have been granting loans, with low and accessible interests, to all the members of our organization.

Alianza estratégica con Agrobanco

Replanting plots

we produce 10,000 seedlings for underlining

We have been receiving support from our strategic ally Lutheran World Relief – LWR and the MOCCA program (Maximizing Opportunities in Coffee and Cocoa in the Americas), with various goods and materials for the production of 10,000 seedlings, which will be delivered to all partners. of our organization to highlight their cocoa.

Agreement with the municipalities of Tocache and DEVIDA

for technical assistance to partners

The Cocoa project in the province of Tocache has been emphasizing technical assistance through personalized training and technical advice to partners of our organization in the agronomic management of cocoa cultivation (pruning, fertilization and integrated pest management). In turn, we are provided with support in paying for our certifications.

Internships on agricultural plots

in coordination with the Cacao project of the municipality of Tocache

With the purpose of promoting the exchange of knowledge on good technical management and marketing, to improve the competitiveness of small and medium-sized cocoa producers, our organization participated in national internships, ACOPAGRO, MAKAO, AYLLIMA, where they strengthened our partners in topics such as: Cocoa benefit, Quality control, Traceability and derivatives. Thanks to the support provided by the cocoa project.

Christmas Campaign

Distribution of Christmas Products

Every year we deliver panettone and cup chocolates to our active members.

Environmental Responsibility

Organic Program

EU: Europe
NOP: United States
COR: Canada
RTPO: Peru

We have been working with the Organic Program and currently have 70 organic producers, with a total of 209.90 hectares certified by BIO LATINA valid until August 2023.

ASPROC-NBT Programa Orgánico

Organic fertilizer distribution

Through Fair Trade, we have received an economic recovery fund, with the purpose of producing 40 tons of organic fertilizer, of which we have been delivering a total of 8.7 tons to 36 of our partners.


Our partners, during the year, received training in integrated management of cocoa cultivation, certification and organic production standards, cooperatives, statutes, roles and functions, premium plan.

ASPROC-NBT Capacitación

Georeferencing system for organic producers

All plots of our organic partners are georeferenced in UTM and in degrees, minutes and seconds.

ASPROC-NBT Sistema de georeferenciación de productores orgánicos

Plots with agroforestry systems

(timber plants)

We have 263 members with 699.61 hectares of cocoa, of which they have been associated with forest species such as Capirona, Bolaina, Pino Chincho, Laurel, Cefetero, Cedro, Mahogany, Eucalyptus, Torreliana, etc.

ASPROC-NBT Parcelas con sistemas agroforestales Wilder
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